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UV Printing

UV Printing

You hint it, we print it.

Ultraviolet (UV) printing is one of the most technologically advanced techniques used these days. Unlike conventional printing methods, it is quicker and more precise. The printed image is immediately exposed to ultraviolet radiations which results in immediate drying. Also, the ink does not get absorbed by surface which results in more vibrant and accurate colours being left on the surface. This is especially helpful in cases of non-porous surfaces like plastic where there are high chances of ink spreading and image getting spoiled. The resulting print is, thus, closer to what was designed and as fine as it can get.

Applications of UV printing are immensely diverse. It can be used as a clear glossy layer over selected portions, as a vibrancy enhancing solution for transparent surfaces or to give depth and gloss to a thicker medium. It is best used as a highlighter in graphics. However, since it’s a complex technique which requires great expertise, it is advised to get it done from experienced professional. Shree Printwell offers that solution as it is one of the best printers in Gujarat. Its UV printing skills are flawless and super affordable. Must try!